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Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”)  Print

Version 2020-1; published and in force since July 24th 2020.

These Terms and Conditions define the conditions for the sales between any person who wishes to acquire products from LA BODEGA DEL ACEITE (“Products”) at web site (“Online Store”) and Distribuciones Asturmazara, S.L.,  an Spanish company, registered with VAT number B74335340, in Oviedo, with business address in Pol. Ind. La Tejera, Nave 85, 33.510 Pola de Siero (Asturias), España (Jointy “"LA BODEGA DEL ACEITE" or "us" as required)

1.- About these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions are only applicable to purchases made at our Online Store

We will occasionally update these Terms and Conditions. We will inform at the header of this document of the version date. Any changes in these Terms and Conditions will come into force for orders made after publication date.


2.- Place an order.

To purchase our products, we need you to:

  • Enter your name and address, phone number, email address, payment data and other information that may be required
  • Be, at least, 18 years old

If you have créated an account with a personal user identification and pssword, keep your password always protected and do not let anybody else know it, bearing in mind that you are responsable for every purchase made with your user identification and password.

3.-Order Processing.

We can decide, at our sole discretion, not to accept orders, unusual orders or orders which may presumably not have been placed on a good-faith fashion.

Your order is accepted on the moment when as soon as it is paid.

You are responsable for accuracy of information given to us.

The corresponding invoice you will receive after paying your order is your purchase receipt.

4.- Prices, Transportation and Handling, Charges and Taxes.

Price paid for any product will be that in force when placing your order and which will be included in the corresponding invoice.

We can change our prices at any time and without any previous annoncement. Prices increases will only be applicable to orders placed after the new prices have released.

Product prices include V.A.T. and other applicable taxes, but do not include handling and transportation costs.

Charges corresponding to handling and transportation and their corresponding taxes will be shown on our Online Store during processing of any order and also in the corresponding invoice.

5.- Delivery

We deliver our products according to following rules:

We cannot deliver any products at:

  • Post office boxes
  • Headquarters and Military Dependencies abroad,
  • Prisons

Deliver method options are as follow:

Standard shipment: delivery within 3 days
Urgent shipment : delivery within the next day.

Both Delivery method and Delivery due date will be confirmmed during order confirmation.

Delivery term will not exceed 3 days from the order´s date on, except if you specifically agree on another delivery date. Should you not receive your order within this term, you will be entitled to request us delivery of your order, observing a reasonable new delivery date. If that would not happen as stated, you will be entitled to cancel your order and receive back any amount of money you may have paid in advance.

We will hold the choice to reject those orders where a certain Delivery date is required, if that implies no possibilities to meet the required deadline. In those cases where you have specified a certain Delivery date, you will be entitled to cancel your order if we do not meet the specified delivery date.

Should you, unreasonably, elude Delivery or intentionally delay Delivery pick up after we have notified you we have tried to deliver your order at the specified address, or if you have provided us with wrong a Delivery address leading to a failed Delivery, parcel to be delivered will be brought back to us. If, after the first Delivery intent, the products remain undelivered longer than 7 working days and are brought back to us, we will have the right to cancel your order and return to you the corresponding amount, as stated in article 8.  

We will not be responsable for delays or lack of compliance if the source of that delay or lack of compliance are due to external circumstances according to law or generally accepted principles.      

We kindly ask you to check the parcel delivered and products received within the next 2 days and confirm all products are in perfect condition and that you order is complete. Should you find any damage to in any product or should you find any product is missing, please get in touch with our Customer Service Department.

6. Product Availability

We do not guarantee availability of any product in our Online Store.

Except if your order has been already paid by you and accepted by us, we hold our right, without any further responsibility or announcement, to change, cancel or interrupt availability of any product.

7.- Payment.

Payment of your order can be done with credit card (Visa/MasterCard)

All payments will undergo security checks, both by us and our payment processing provider (Stripe)

8.- Product return and reimbursement

Please note that we will only consider product returns and reimbursements for products acquired on our Online Store.

To exercise your right to return any product, please follow steps described below in our “Product Return Procedure”

You will be entitled to return products that have been subject of and adequate use by yourself and which have not been used in any other way than that to which our products are intended for (human consumption).


Product return procedure.

Products are to be returned in their original container.

Please handle the products with reasonable care and return them in the same conditions they were delivered to you.

Please wrap the products in safe way and make sure your order number is clearly visible on the outside of your parcel.

Aiming to guarantee a quick and safe return, we suggest you follow our product return instructions.

We will return the price you paid for the returned products plus transportation expenses of initial shipment within 2 days after we have received the returned products at our warehouse.

Whatever the chosen Delivery method may have been, only expenses corresponding to an ordinary Delivery will be returned.

Return will be confirmed by email.

Payment will be processed by the same means you used to pay the order in the first place.

Should your return products that 1) you are not entitled to return, 2)  that may have been damaged or unsealed, or 3) that are incomplete 4) that have not been handled with reasonable care during their stay in your premises or when returning them, we reserve our right to either reject your product return proposal and deny any reimbursement or to deduct from any payment that may be owed to you the value of product value reduction, all of which according to applicable law.

Other product return scenarios Should the products you receive not be those you have requested, or should your order be incomplete or may have experienced any damage during transportation, please get in touch with our Customer Service Department

9. Personal Data      

Our Privacy Policy available on this web site and all the additional dispositions that conform this Terms and Conditions rule the use of your personal data. Purchase of products at our Online Store requires that you accept our Privacy Policy and the treatment of your personal data, as described in said Privacy Policy.

We will observe reasonable care to keep any information related to your order and its payment safe. However, (assuming there is no severe negligence from our side) we will not be responsible for any damage or loss related to your order and its payment should third parties perform a non-authorized access to any of the data you provided when accessing or ordering in our web site.

10.- Our responsibility

These Terms and Conditions state all of our obligations and responsibilities in relation to our products. To the maximum extent permitted by law, we do not grant any sort of guarantee, be it explicit or implicit, nor do we accept any other conditions or terms binding us, except those stated in these Terms and Conditions. In particular, we will not be responsible for ensuring our products are adequate for your purposes unless you have informed us beforehand or your purposes when placing your order and we have accepted your order.

We will perform reasonable efforts to verify accuracy of any information included in our Online Store. We do not guarantee that our Online Store will meet your requirements, that it will not suffer any interruption or that it does not contain any mistakes, nor that any existing error are going to be corrected, nor that the server that allows for it to function is free of virus or errors that allow for full function, accuracy or reliability of our Online Store. We will not be responsible before you for any loss of content or material downloaded or transmitted through our Online Store.

W e will by no means be responsible for income losses, profit loss, contract losing, both business and private, data loss, goodwill loss, reputation loss or any other damage whatever their origin is. However, no single disposition of this section will affect in any manner your legal rights and nothing stated in these Terms and Conditions will exclude or limit the responsibility that cannot be legally limited or excluded according to applicable regulations, including, as an example and not as closed list, responsibility arising from death or injuries due to negligence or fraud.

11. General

Our Online Store is only to be used with legal intentions and as permitted by law. You accept to comply with all applicable regulations in relation to our Online Store and with any transaction made in or through our Online Store.

Should any of the stipulations of these Terms and Conditions become invalid, illegal or inapplicable, said stipulation will be applied to the maximum extent permitted by law, and validity, legality and applicability of all other stipulations will not be affected or reduced.

All matters or news related to our Online Store will be communicated by electronic means with an email or some other electronic publication.


12. Customer Service Department.

Our Customer Service Department  will gladly answer any question related to orders placed on our Online Store. You can contact us both by email or over the phone from Monday to Friday 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., except festivities.

By email: atencion.cliente @

By phone: +34 985 72 38 97

13.Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions follow and have to be applied according to enforceable laws and regulations of Spain.